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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Get Soft Skin

Life style

The first example of things that can easily improve your skin is a change or adjustment of lifestyle. By changing your diet, getting plenty of sleep and drinking adequate water, you can bring yourself closer to getting the flawless skin you’ve always wanted.

Green veggies, oranges, pineapple, plum, apple, grapefruit, berries and carrots are all examples of the fruits and vegetables you can eat to get beautiful soft skin.


Using an all natural moisturizer can also help, especially one that contains antioxidant ingredients. Remember that antioxidants protect healthy skin cells from the damage caused by unstable oxygen molecules called free radicals.

Antioxidant ingredients like the ones below will neutralize and stabilize these free radicals and in doing so prevent damage and aging of the skin.

1. Cynergy TK

2. Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10

3. Phytessence Wakame

4. Avocado Oil

5. Natural Vitamin E

6. Active Manuka Honey

7. Grapeseed Oil

To get the most out of a skin care product, get one that contains the above ingredients.


Cleansing washes dirt off your skin and also unblocks pores. It keeps skin clean and free of bacteria that can sometimes cause infections.

Not all cleansers are equal though. Whatever you do, keep away from soap based cleansers. They are harsh on skin and they also have a tendency of blocking pores.

Hydrating Mask

However not all hydrating masks are suitable for everyone. If you have oily skin and/or acne, stay away hydrating masks that use mineral oil, which can clog your pores, causing more inflammation and even rashes.

But many good hydrating masks are in fact suitable for all skin types. Look for one that is based on natural plant oils like avocado or macadamia oil, as these oils won’t make your skin oily, but moisturize and nourish it.

Avocado oil, for example, is rich in vitamins A, D and E, lecithin, beta-carotene, potassium and many essential proteins. It is also a great source of unsaturated fatty acids

Avocado oil also has some special skin benefits. It is high in sterolins, which have been shown to reduce age spots. For this reason, avocado oil is very effective if you have dry skin, or if your skin is damaged by the sun, plus it has also been shown to help with the dryness and itching of psoriasis and eczema.

A hydrating mask shouldn’t just deeply moisturize your skin, it must be able to nourish your skin at the same time, and if you have aging skin: it will need to help your skin rejuvenate.

A mask that combines natural oils with Xtend TK and some natural vitamin E should be able to do just that. Throw in some allantoin and active Manuka honey and you’ll most likely be looking at a very good product – if the rest of the ingredients are natural, too.

Allantoin and active Manuka honey will gently enable your skin to regenerate. Allantoin can stimulate skin growth, and active Manuka honey great has anti-aging qualities to it! I can only recommend getting a product with all these ingredients, as they will surely help you get healthy beautiful skin in no time!

Natural Way for Tanning

There are plenty of options in tanning today. More modern ways are undergoing medical treatment to acquire a sun-less tan. However, there are still some modern techniques that use radiation powered machines to tan the skin. And radiation is also bad to the health.

There are more techniques that could give a person a perfect tan. But most of them cost so much because they are highly specialized techniques and reduces (or even eliminates) usage of radiation or UV rays. But to an average person who desires to have a golden skin, it would not be very practical to pay so much to have the desired healthy golden skin.

There are ways to achieve a perfect tan without exposing yourself to the sun and spending so much on skin clinics. There are ready-to-use products that are safe to use and are inexpensive compared to the services offered in skin clinics.

Here are some tips for a safe, sunless and costless tanning right in your homes. Remember that before applying those sunless tanners, the body must first be thoroughly cleaned and exfoliated by using loofah or soft cloth to wash off dust and dead skin cells. This way, even tan will surely be achieved. Use moderate amount on knees, elbows and other parts with thick, dry skin, as they will appear darker. Use a sponge paintbrush, about two to three inches in size, in applying tanner on the back. When applying in the face, avoid spreading in and around the eyes. After application, immediately wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. Use a make-up wedge when applying at the backs of your hands in smooth even strokes as well as on your feet and between the toes. Apply the tanner using both horizontal and vertical strokes or circular motion.

When using a spray tanner, avoid saturating it. Instead, spray and blend quickly and thoroughly over one body part then do the same to the rest of the body. After making sure the tanner is applied evenly, wait for about one hour before applying any moisturizer or foundation or going swimming/bathing. Also, avoid contact with carpets, fabrics, clothing, and furniture. If necessary, and for a deeper tan, repeat process.

Proactive Skin Care

A proactive skin care approach is no different and investing in the health of your skin is the same as investing in health insurance, care maintenance, house insurance, etc. We brush our teeth several time as day, why? – not because they have holes in them, but we want to prevent the holes and avoid expensive trips to the dentist…

We take our skin very much for granted and spend little time thinking about it. Maybe because of the many Skin Cancer Ad Campaigns, we will apply sunscreen lotion when going outside, but beyond that, we don’t seem to spend much time looking after our skin.

Similarly, a proactive skin care approach takes the quality of skin care products into consideration, however to often we buy skin care by smell and how good the packaging looks. Neither of which guarantees a quality product. On the contrary, often the expensive, good looking products contain artificial perfumes, synthetic essential oils, chemical emollients, preservatives, and many other ingredients that have been shown to be toxic if used over a long period of time.