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Step by step Clear Acne Fast

Step One: Use A Gentle Cleanser To Wash Face
If you go to the store you will see dozens of facial cleansers, pick one. The important thing to remember is to pick a facial cleanser that has the right balance of PH for you and your skin. This takes time and a bit of experimenting because if you choose the wrong one, you are likely to end up with oily or dry skin.

If you want to save some time and money, look up reviews on beauty websites or forums. Usually you’ll be able to find people with the same kind of skin as you. You can message them and see how other products effected them. You can also read their review of the products they have been recently using. This will surely save you a lot of money, time, and breakouts.

Step Two: Exfoliate Your Skin Two Times A Week
When you exfoliate your skin you are removing the dead cells that lay on your skin. You shed skin daily so its important to exfoliate at least two times a week. This will eventually lead you to have smoother, radiating skin that will be easily recognized by others.

Another option you have is microdermabrasion. This will go deeper in the surface of your skin and remove the dead top layer of the epidermis.

Step Three: Try A Toner
Using a toner will restore your skin to the proper ph balance it once was. This will prevent breakouts, acne, and redness. The toner is used to close up pores that may have open during your cleansing process. This will reduce the amount of pores that store extra oil and build up until you breakout.

Step Four: Sunscreen Daily
It is important that you remember to apply sunscreen whenever you are going outside. You don’t need to glob it on, but a tiny amount will do. Skin cancer is one of the top 5 diseases that kill in America.

Always make sure that your sunscreen has a sp of 15 or greater. The sun also tends to dry your skin out easy, so remember to apply a moisturizer of some type to your skin frequently.

Step Five: Be Picky About Your Moisturizer 
Always make sure to provide your skin with nutrients and moisturizer to prevent it from flaking and cracking. A good moisturizer will keep your skin smoother and supple to the core.